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Dear Traveler,

Warmest greetings from Nuca Molas Komodo Tour & Travel.

Nuca Molas Komodo Tour & Travel (NMK) is a Travel agency which provide a various of tourist object and tourist activities In Komodo & Flores Overland, Bali and Beyond. Our office is located in Bali and Labuan Bajo Flores-Komodo it is made for easy way to work and arrange the package tour in Bali and Komodo Flores. As our first introduction we would like to explain, what is the meaning of Nuca Molas Komodo Tour & Travel (NMK). Nuca Molas Komodo Tour (NMK) it is a local language from Flores Island specifically from Manggarai Regency. NMK consist of three words there are ”Nuca, molas and komodo”, Nuca means for a name of an Island in Flores and Molas means to designated for Flores womens and Komodo is the Big Lizard which founded in Komodo island and Rinca Island. So then Nuca Molas Komodo or commonly called NMK means a beautiful women From Flores island.
We are interested taken this name “Nuca Molas Komodo Tour & Travel (NMK) because the named is very simple and it easy way for us to express our homeland of Flores Island to everyone from Indonesia or from everywere in the world, which considering to many cultures, language in Indonesia . by this way our places will be visited by many people from everywhere in the world to see our country, see our people and see our home land with every uniqueness nature inside.
Nuca Molas Komodo (NMK) is a Travel company that currently running as a travel Agency in Bali and Labuan Bajo Flores. We organized a dayly tour in Bali, air fare ticket, Hotel reservation, tourist activities such as trekking, cycling, diving, Bali country side and so many more, and also we organized a dayly trip to Komodo Island Flores, Diving in Flores, Flores over land trip and still much more. All the tour we operated under Indonesian rules, it has been made our company running well and safe.
We are working not as a personally but working as team between in Bali and Labuan Bajo Flores, by this reason we would to support our businness to be done well and it is worth it as our expectation. We highly support each other to be a good team and it could made this company progress and growing better. Because by that side the bless comes and bring us a blessing and it can make our life survive.
Our guide are well educated, we studied a tourism subject as our skill backgraounds. Our passionate is allways improve our skills then it makes our qualty service is increase as what we think it is a number one. We would keep our image, your impress make us more better and better. We are not work only one day but we are working forever so then of course we must keep our good service and make your holliday with us more valuable, memoriable and satisfying. At the end of this words we would like to say thank you for your kind attention, may you have a happy holliday and enjoy your life.

Best Regards,

Nuca Molas Komodo Tour & Travel


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